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Silver Objects

We buy all objects made of solid silver.

Some examples of things clients bring us

  • Cutlery sets; Spoons, Forks, Knives, Serving Pieces, etc.

  • Tea & Coffee Sets and Platters

  • Candlesticks

  • Larger items; Bowls, Serving Plates, etc.

We are always interested in better “makers” such as Tiffany, Poul Petersen, Georg Jensen, Paul Storr, R&S Garrard, etc.

Please note: We are only looking for actual solid silver items, and not plated pieces. Both plated and solid silver pieces tarnish, so this is not a good way to tell the difference.

Most silver items that ARE solid silver will be marked "Sterling", "925", "835", or "800"...these we buy.

Most items that are PLATED (we do not buy) are either unmarked, or have the following marks; "EPNS", "PLATE", "COPPER", "ROGERS", "COMMUNITY", "REPRODUCTION"

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