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Banks, Trust Companies, Law Firms, Accountants, Insurance Companies, and Government Institutions regularly use our services to help them value and dispose of their valuable collections. Whether you are a large institution handling a file, or a private individual looking for information, we are here to serve you.

Have an estate to share or liquidate? Splitting assets in a divorce? Inherited a large collection and want to know the value? We can help. We offer three different services:

1) FREE APPRAISALS. If you have an item you think may be of value, and would like to know what we would pay for it, we provide FREE basic appraisals by phone 514-289-9761, or via internet. It may be helpful to read the relevant "Want to Sell" category for info before contacting us. For online appraisals please send an email to Please mention "Online Appraisal" in your message, and send us a couple good quality, clear group pictures of your items.  Please also put your full name and phone number to reach you in case calling is the best way to help. We normally reply within 2 business days.

Please note that these are basic appraisals. We will let you know if these items have value, and approximately what our current buy price is.

We appraise all coins and banknotes except the following:

  • Ancient Coins (before 1000AD)

  • Islamic, Indian & Chinese coins before 1850

  • Modern minor coin varieties

  • Error coins

2) Verbal opinion of value. This is an appointment at our office, where you bring in your items, we examine them with you, and answer any questions specific to your situation. This is ideal for situations where you need to have a professional 3rd party opinion for items you are not ready to sell, but do not require an appraisal in writing. Some common examples;

  • Several siblings inherit a large coin collection, but are not sure how to split it equitably.

  • Someone has accumulated rare items and are considering selling, donating, or giving them and want to understand the approximate current value.

  • A financial need has come up, and requires selling an item but you are not sure which of your items to sell.

  • You want to know the value of a larger collection, but are not yet ready to sell.

Our in person appraisals are all done by Michael Joffre. Please note at this time we are only doing verbal appraisals appointments for Coins & Paper Money.

$235 (plus tax) per hour, min 1 hour. Please call or email us for details.

3) Written appraisals. This would begin as an appointment at our office where we would examine with you the item(s) in question, and be followed up with possible research and a written report, sometimes with digital imaging done by our staff. This would be ideal for situations where a written document is absolutely required. Some common examples;

  • Insurance claims

  • Divorce disputes

  • Estate liquidation

Please note at this time we are only doing written appraisals for Coins & Paper Money. Our written appraisals are all done by Michael Joffre, occasionally with the assistance of other staff members and outside experts.

The Process begins with a 1 hour in person appointment at $235 (plus tax) where your items are assessed, needs for the appraisal are discussed, an estimate of time and cost are given. Please call or email us for details.

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